Flexible SEO for a Non-Flexible Budget

If you’re reading this, chances are that you understand the importance of internet marketing (search engine optimization, social media, link building, directories, bookmarks, etc). But sometimes, your budget won’t allow $500 for an SEO plan plus $500 for a Social Media plan plus another $500 for local directories.  This is why we’ve created the FLEX PLAN. It’s flexible SEO options for a non-flexible budget.

How the FLEX PLAN works

We’ve gone through our deliverable/services and broke them down line by line and assigned points to each service. Once you set a budget, you’ll receive a certain amounts of points that you can use to purchase any of the deliverables.

Our Process

Once you decide that our FLEX PLAN is for you, a personal account manager will review your goals, objectives, budget, and target market with you. When you set a monthly budget we’ll go through our deliverables and put together a custom plan of action staying within that budget you assigned us.

Step 1

Consultation, set your monthly budget, set goals and create a game plan.

Step 2

Execute the game plan and do a quick monthly review with your account manager.

Step 3

Review performance, Review budget, set new goals, shift points (if needed), repeat step 2.

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Frequent Questions:

What if you want to use your points for something else?

Because it’s based on a point system, it’s easy to just shift your points to another area of focus and staying within that budget. We even have some other service you can use your points on like videos, logos, and infographs.

Can you increase your budget?

Sure. Increase you budget and gain more points.

Can you decrease the budget?

Yes. You can decrease your budget, but you’ll also decrease the amount of point you have available.

Can you use points to purchase other packages, such as Featured News?

Yes. You can use your points on other services. Check with your account manager to see how many points you need.

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