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Are your local listings stagnant or incorrect? Are you taking advantage of local listings?

People have always searched for local businesses, however, the ways they’re finding those businesses are shifting with technology. Smartphones and Apps have changed our habits. Let’s be honest, the younger generation doesn’t even know how to use a card catalogue at the library, let alone open up a phone book – they’re using search engines and various apps to find what they want.

If your business isn’t taking advantage of Yelp, Foursquare, Google Maps, Yahoo, etc. you’re falling behind. The odds of your business being found decreases if you’re not utilizing the new tools, unless they drive by… but even driving by doesn’t work because no one is even watching the road, they’re looking at their phones (a discussion for another day).

Take a look at the graph below and tell me it doesn’t tell you a story of where things are going.  I published a blog post recently about the top 25 “near me” searches in the Indianapolis Metro and found that if you’re a restaurant and you’re not utilizing Local SEO, you’re missing out on potential business – big time!


Chart information provided by Google Trends.

Even if you’re not a restaurant, there are plenty of people looking for plumbers, repair people, contractors, movers, cleaners, retail stores, gas stations, massage therapists, and so on.

Word of mouth is the best advertising you can get, but people have to find you first before they can refer you and that’s where we come in.

Below you’ll find additional information about our Local SEO service. 

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“Near Me” Searches

Get found by customers in your area.

People are using words like “near me,” “closest,” and “nearby” are grows to all time highs across the billions of search queries every month. Roughly 80% of those searches are also coming from mobile devices. We’ll get your business on various maps and apps to ensure when customers nearby are looking for your goods or services, you’re found.


Claim Local Listing

Get control of current listings.

Many business owners would be surprised on how many databases they’re already listed. Often the information is incorrect, or there are reviews on there they would like to contact, or rebuttal. We can help your business claim your listings and correct any information.


Local SEO Performance Tracking

Track where your online views are coming.

Tracking where your internet traffic is coming is important. If we know where your visitors are coming from, we can have a better understanding where we need to focus our attention for better results.


Manage Your Customer Reviews

Maintain customer relationships with those who post reviews.

Reviews are more important. In recent studies nearly 67% of people are influenced by reviews. Oftentimes, a business has reviews on websites they didn’t know existed.  We can help track down many of those reviews, keep track, and manage those reviews.


Improved your search results with Search Engine Optimization.

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Flex Plan

Set your budget and choose your marketing plan à la carte.

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Manage your Google Pay Per Click and Facebook Ads effectively.

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Featured News

Grow your search engine ranking fast with high PR News links.

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