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adwords-pay-per-click-indianapolisOur Google Adwords Certified Partners, have built and managed thousands of successful pay per click programs for businesses of all types and sizes.

With years of experience managing pay per click campaigns for various sized businesses, you can be confident you’ll get what you pay for.

How PPC Can Help Your Business

According to Google’s 2015 Economic Impact Report, 97% of internet users look online for local products and services. Therefore, if you’re not marketing online, you’re missing potential customers.

Google’s Economic Impact Report demonstrates the success their services such as Adwords and Adsense have impacted businesses in America.  The report also broke down statistics for each state, like Indiana. You can use Google’s tools for your advantage too.

Download Google’s Economic Impact Report

One thing we’re in very much favor of is organic search results for your products or services through search engine optimization (SEO) and Local SEO, but Pay Per Click certainly has its place.  Organic search results are FREE clicks to your website, while pay per click – well – you’re paying per click. If your PPC campaign doesn’t include targeted keywords as well as negative keywords (searches you don’t want to appear in), you could be spending money on clicks that you don’t want. Our professionals know how to make the best use of your PPC dollars.

Like I’ve previously stated, PPC has it’s place in the internet marketing world.  It allows you to get in front of customers today rather than waiting for your organic search results to improve.  Organic is still KING, but a well structured PPC campaign can give you more immediate ROI than and SEO campaign could do.

Pay Per Click also allows you to turn your marketing switch off and on during certain time periods, for example: a promotion, a holiday sale or new product launch.  Some clients have chosen to turn off their PPC campaigns for certain keywords once those keywords started ranking on the front page of a Google search. Others have chose to keep the PPC campaigns turned on even with high ranking keywords because, to them, it’s taking up more real estate on the front page than their competition and they’re willing to pay for each click for that reason.

What We Can Do


Evaluate. Plan. Execute. Adjust. Repeat.

Before spending resources on a pay per click campaign, we will evaluate your objectives.

We will research relevant keywords as well as negative keywords, build the campaign, and then execute the plan.  Once the plan is executed, we track results and make adjustments where needed.


PPC Retargeting

Increase conversions with PPC Retargeting.

A large percentage of first time visitors to a website do not convert, but with a Retargeting Campaign, after they visit your website, ads can be placed as they continue to surf the internet.


Tools To Track Everything

With access to our tools, you have the ability to view various reports of:

  • PPC Goals – Set goals and track your month-to-month progress.
  • Ad Spend – Know how much your spending on keywords so you can budget wisely.
  • Conversions – Know how your ads are converting to form completions and phone calls.


Improved your search results with Search Engine Optimization.

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Local SEO

Better "Near Me" results in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Apple Maps.

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Flex Plan

Set your budget and choose your marketing plan à la carte.

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Featured News

Grow your search engine ranking fast with high PR News links.

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