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Red arrows points to results for a client through our search engine optimization efforts. Three of the spots that are not our client are directories, which they’re also in. Only two competitors show up on the front page organically and the couple others at the bottom are PPC ads. Which one would you rather be?

Search Engine Optimization is a tedious process.  I want to set the expectations correct – SEO is a process.

Indianapolis has scores of various industries and each industry has varying levels of competition. Some companies have caught onto internet marketing early, leveraged the “first movers advantage” and do well with their search engine rankings.  Other companies waited many years before they engaged internet marketing and have more work to do in order to get their website to the front page.  Many more companies still do not have a website. Here’s the deal… It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters what you do from this point on!

We have several clients who recently got their website and are now reaping the rewards of our professional search engine optimization work.

For example, you can see the image of one of our clients, Young Final Finish, LLCWe took them from not having a website, building their content marketing from the ground up to dominating the front page.  Granted, they’re not the very top at the time we took this screenshot (and we need to talk with them about that), but I’m sure you’d like to be in their position – owning half the real estate on the front page. This is just one example… this client has multiple front page spots with dozens of keyword phrases.

We don’t own Google

Here’s another expectation:  Although we do a great job for our clients, it is important to note that we do not own Google, Yahoo or Bing and therefore when they change the rules it can effect the work we’ve done.

This is one reason why we say “SEO is a process.”

Google changes their algorithms over 300 times per year; making minor tweaks here and there to improve the search results for their customers, i.e. you and I and everyone else looking for xyz on the internet. Sometimes, a search engine will make a large algorithm update and a client can go from the top spot on page one to the middle of page three (it happens). If that happens, we do our best to help our client regain the top spot once again.

If you’d like to speak with a representative about your SEO goals, feel free to complete the form at the bottom and we will contact you to discuss how we can help you with your search engine optimization questions and goals.

Here is a little more about our process.


Target Audience Research

The phrase “know your audience” still rings true.

Part of our research is not just what findings “keywords” that help your search engine results, but finding the key phrases as well. Once we start bringing traffic to your website, we can dial in on how you’re actually found and what they’re typing in to help tweak our campaigns for best results.


End-User Value

Content. Content. Content.

We provide your audience with information articles, graphics, and blog posts that are appreciated and shared by customers, prospects and other publishers that link to valuable and trustworthy content.

analytics tracking

Analytics Research

Plan. Track. Adjust.

Pre-campaign research will get us started. Once campaigns are off to the races, we track the results and make the necessary adjustments for continuous improvement.  Search engines change their algorithms regularly and so should each internet marketing campaign.

build website links

Create Solid Links

Good search results require good links.

Nearly 80% of top search results have external links to them. Part of our job to to create credible links that lead back to your website through a number of methods. The more and credible links created manually and organically, the better your website will perform in search engine results.

Flex Plan

Set your budget and choose your marketing plan à la carte.

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Local SEO

Better "Near Me" results in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Apple Maps.

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Manage your Google Pay Per Click and Facebook Ads effectively.

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Featured News

Grow your search engine ranking fast with high PR News links.

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