2016 Top 25 Indianapolis “Near Me” Searches

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2016 Top 25 ‘Near Me’ Searches

Indianapolis, IN Metro

“Near me” searches on google, bing, yahoo, apple maps, etc are on the rise and don’t seem to be slowing down. I thought publishing a fun list of the top 25 “near me” searches would be an interesting read.


Statistics provided by Google Trends.

Since 2011, “near me” searches have increased 34 times in it’s popularity has nearly doubled between 2014 and 2015. When a trend that increases 34 times, it’s probably a good idea to pay attention to it.

The following list is the top 25, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t searching for plumber near me or massage studio near me or car repair near me because they are.  If your company isn’t participating in improving your “near me” search results, you’re missing out on a large opportunity to being more traffic to your business.

The following information was provided by Google Trends.  If you’re curious about various trends and want to do some of your own research, visit

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Here are the top 25 “near me” searches on Google and as a bonus, I’ve also included the top 10 “nearby” and top 6 “nearest” searches in the Indianapolis Metro.  Enjoy!

Top 25 “Near Me” Searches

  1. restaurants near me
  2. food near me
  3. pizza near me
  4. stores near me
  5. walmart near me
  6. delivery near me
  7. chinese near me
  8. jobs near me
  9. restaurant near me
  10. cvs near me
  11. gas near me
  12. chinese food
  13. movies near me
  14. hotels near me
  15. walgreens near me
  16. mall near me
  17. dominos near me
  18. theater near me
  19. salons near me
  20. kroger near me
  21. theaters near me
  22. target near me
  23. breakfast near me
  24. bmv near me
  25. panera near me

Top 10 “Nearby” Searches

  1. bar nearby
  2. ice cream nearby
  3. tacos nearby
  4. pizza nearby
  5. donuts nearby
  6. brunch nearby
  7. restaurants nearby
  8. coffee nearby
  9. vegan food nearby
  10. juice bar nearby

Top 6 “Nearest” Searches

  1. nearest walmart
  2. nearest gas station
  3. nearest starbucks
  4. nearest post office
  5. nearest chase bank
  6. nearest liquor store

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